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Arthur 2

So, I just signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and after playing with Scrivener for pretty much the whole day I have an idea for what to start with tomorrow.  Arthur from Inception is Arthur Pendragon reincarnated. 

Con: he will have to look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt instead of Bradley James (weeping)
Pro: I can have Eames and Gwaine hook up (worth it all)


Snape's Daughter

So I just signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and in case anyone from there is looking for the fanfiction I wrote last November (and finished in April) it can be found all over the place:


I would recommend reading it at AO3 or Potions & Snitches, I did some editing after it was posted at fanfiction.net.  I considered myself a winner (I always consider myself a winner) because I had over 60,000 words by the end of November but in the end the story was about 148,000.  Take that as a warning if you do an alternate version of a Harry Potter book/year, you're probably going to end up writing almost as much as she did.  Yikers.


Still Love Robots

This week's challenge, Steampunk Erotica (not)

A pulse point click-whirled and thudded in her throat column.  Without any conscious thought at all his hand wrapped gently around the side of her neck and he stroked that fluttering spot with the side of his thumb.  It was hypnotic to watch and feel, clickity-whirl.Read more...Collapse )


Flash Challenge: Must Love Robots

Speedy quick, have to be speedy quick.  I can do speedy, I can, I can.  The overlord is packing down the assembly line, the click of his boots somehow audible over the whirring and the zzzzips of the pneumatics.  He stalks with his hands clasped behind his back, how could I not think of him as an overlord?

Read more...Collapse )


Sultan of Cambaya, who lived upon poison, with which he was so saturated that his breath or touch carried instant death. (Purchas.)    (© Bibliomania.com Ltd 2000)

This week's flash fiction challenge, 1,500 words based on a definition from the M section.Collapse )

Lead on Birthday Boy

This week's flash fiction challenge was to write a story, with plot, in three sentences.  Pursuing plot is like chasing the Easter Bunny for me, or some such.  My prey of choice is allegor-ators...  but wait I just made that up.


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Things That I Can Do

  • Since I'm at work now we'll start off with tech support: Apples, PC's, printers, copiers if it breaks, and even though it isn't my job, they call me first
  • I can make a brochure, a document, a spreadsheet, a website and I can make them pretty
  • I can make a beautiful loaf of bread with flour, yeast, salt and water
  • I can roast a tender juicy chicken and then make a pot pie two days later that will make you realize the roast was just a necessary step to reach the pot pie
  • I can pay the bills, and on time too!
  • I can show up for work at the same job for fifteen years consecutively!
  • I can give birth with no drugs
  • I can take Audet's Hill at 65, either direction
  • I can write a 50,000 word 'novel' in 30 days
  • I can write a poem or essay on any topic of your choice
  • I can sew a curtain or pillow
  • I can make a Halloween costume
  • I can tell you the words to any Bruce Springsteen song (through 1984)
  • I can tell you the John Sterling home run call (for most players)
  • I can raise a good dog (I am the alpha bitch)
  • I can raise smart funny boys
  • I can bluff convincingly about most intellectual topics, esp. philosophy
  • I can plant and weed and harvest a vegetable garden
  • I can can!
  • I can pickle too
  • I can make a home
  • I can do lunch
  • I can chug an entire can of V8 in one go
  • I can make newspaper hats the way my Grandpa taught me
  • I can fish
  • I can play, with Legos or sand or whatever
  • I can throw a pot: make a bowl from a lump of clay
  • I can listen
  • I can toot my own horn (metaphorically only)